Strange artifacts after separaete objects

Hello !

This is a model from Daz studio that I bought, I’ve also bought seperate nail. To day my goal was to seperate the eyes from the body . So in edit mode I’ve select everything then press P to seperate ezverything. Unfortunatly I have those weird artifacts on the nails and all the teeth were seperate individualy… What did I do wrong ?

That’s really difficult to say without seeing these artifacts and your description is very vague. Is it with viewport shading, eevee or cycles rendering only? have you done anything else to these seperated objects afterwards?

Hello, I’m sorry , I press enter and my message has been publish with no photos and I had troubles to send a video ^^ here are a few photos , I hope it’s going to be a little bit more clear :sweat_smile:

Ok, a bit more clear now but still not 100%. How did you select the geometry to seperate it? The teeth look like you accidentally selected some verts of other geometry. If you press the L key when hovering over teeth and choose “material” as a delimiter you can make sure that only geometry with the teeth material is selected.

The nails went really bad. First I would start to see which modifiers are used and see if disabling them does anything.

Hello !

First for seperate everything I did that : Edit mode, A to select everything then click P for Seperate by loose parts and here what I have this morning

After that I try somethjing different, in edit mode : select onne face of the eye then CTRL+ L, then LMB seperate the selection and it’s better, but the eye look complex cause one eye have 2 parts like that