Strange artifacts

since today I noticed that the model I currently work on has some strange artifacts which I cannot explain.
The second picture shows the bear with the normal blender internal renderer.
The first picture is taken as a screen-render which shows the artifacts: Lots of dark areas around the jaw.

I have modelled the gums for the teeth and it looks as if the gums ‘shine’ through the skin of the jar.

I tried everything I can think of. Flipped normals, recalc normals, removed the texture and so on. Nothing helps.

When I delete and recreate the faces on which the dark spots occur, then the dark spots vanish.

Maybe someone can help me on this.


Add some kinda a brick beneath it where the bear stands on. Then make it reflective and give it a gold color then subsurf it cause it looks a bit cubish now.

Then why not just do that? I would guess that it is due to overlapping faces, after looking at it. Try modifying the jaw so nothing overlaps. Also try removing doubles (if you did not try this). Apart from that, I think you should lower the specularity on your bear, as at the moment it looks like plastic.
Good work though!