Strange Attractors (Actually, point attractors)

Been using blender for a while; have decided to rejoin the community.

Here’s some fun w/ the new particle features…I sort of liked it. I find that in later frames, particle animations with attractors get very cluttered if the particles have long lives…a way to get the feel of how they’re moving without cluttering up the screen with old particles is to animate the Halosize, which can give some pretty interesting results.

A picture:


EDIT: someone said they can’t see it, here’s the link

EDIT 2: The vector button is in the animation menue, under particles, next to BSPline and Face.

All I can say is: WHOA!

how exactly do you make line halos? i’m not sure if there is such an option…

Choose “vector” in the particle options.

can’t see it.

where is it dude?

Just wait. It’s big.

where is the “vector”?

Look where the pic says:

Can somebody please explain me how to use the new particle features?
I don’t get them?

A lot of the new features is in the little particle interaction button. There for any object you can set things like a vortex field, a repeller or make the object a deflector.

Cool. 8)

It remindes me of an experiment I did in science once, where you put a bunch of ground up iron on a piece of paper and you place a magnet under the paper. The poles of the magnet move the iron around into a shape similar to what you have there.