Strange behaviour with text, Universal intro


First week with Blender and many many hours of checking tutorials and testing thing.
First i felt that this was going to be impossible, but after 5-10 hours/day for a week things are actually moving along quite nicely, doing mugs, pencils, testing materials, lighting and also have learned how to do short DOF with node editor :smiley:

I found this great tutorial on how to make your custom Universal Studios intro

And since the template file was made in 2.4 and fonts doesn’t seem to work fully yet in 2.5, so i used 2.49 for this.

My problem is that that some letters (as seen in attached pic) turns out deformed with Arial Black or default font.

How can i make sure this doesn’t happen, or clean it up?
I’ve tried removing doubles and recalculate normals, alt+F and all sorts of things to the mesh but i just can’t seem to get the letters right.

Here’s a zip with 3 blends,

  1. Start scene without text converted to mesh (Arial Black)
  2. Start scene converted to mesh
  3. Final scene with deformed text (seen rendered at frame 180)

If anyone have any ideas on this, please jump right in :yes: