Strange Black Lines All Over Model

Hey Guys

I been modeling one of my characters for a game I’m making but I ran to this problem

There are these strange black lines which are covering the model and I do not have a clue, what I did wrong. This hasnt happened to the other models I made and it carries through Unity3D as well. If anyone could help me with this issue, I would really appreciate it.

With your texture did you paint with some margin around the UV islands

you need to have a bit of a margin around each island

Oh, I think I didn’t. Is thats the reason I got all of those lines?

No, I think I didnt. But I just found out that these are seams that I used from UV mapping. I wonder whys its doing this?

What Richard said.

You need to space your UV islands with room for bleed. Bleed is overpainting (just like in printing). In the case of 3D texturing, the anti-aliasing of the textures will pull in the color of the surrounding texture a small amount. The trick to fix that is to overpaint. In your case the background of your texturemap is black, so the lines which show around all your UV islands are black too.

Oh ok, so I need to space everything when UV mapping and organize everything. I’ll try that out.