strange bug with nurb objects and raytracing.

Hey all, I just modelled an object using Nurbs and then threw a transparent material on it and raytraced it. I did not get what I expected. Check out this image:

The object on the top is the NURBS object. The one below is the same object with the same material, but after it has been converted to a mesh (and "setsmooth"ed). Anyone know why the Nurb object is rendering strange?

hmm not sure why it would do that…
maybe you should just use the mesh, and keep the nurbs original on another layer incase you need adjustments
ill try it anyway though see if it does the same to me

well that’s what I’ll probably end up doing (keeping the mesh) but it seems rather serious, so I filed a bug report and submitted a copy of file that demonstrates the bug.

Blender isn’t the world’s best with nurbs, I would convert them into meshes usually