Strange effect when using fluid simulation

Hi, I am stuck again. I tried to repeat the steps I saw in some tutorials about fluid simulation. What I did is:

  1. Created 2 cubes
  2. Scaled the first cube by 5 -> lets call this box the domain
  3. placed the other cube right inside the domain (in the middle) -> let’s call this cube the fluid
  4. Gave the domain a red material
  5. Gave the fluid a blue material.
  6. Activated fluid simulation for the domain and activated the domain button for it
  7. Activated fluid simulation for the fluid and activated the fluid button for it.

So what I expected to happen when I bake it and render the animation was the blue fluid to fall down on the cages bottom and disperse there.

BUT: What happened is, that the domain seems to have become the fluid. The domain wraps around the fluid and drips from there. This means I have now red fluid dripping down. It should have been the other way.

Has anybody any idea what happened here?


it seems strange that a domain has become liquid, surely it shouldnt work as the domain isnt outside of the liquid.

can you post the .blend file for us to check

What you see is the correct way the fluids work. The ‘fluid’ you see in your simulation is actually the domain object. The fluid object is just the starting state for this fluid. The characteristics that define the fluid are all in the domain properties panel. I suggest you read up about fluids in the wikiso you can understand how they work.


Ahh, thanks! This makes sense. Then I have one question: How do I make the Fluid object invisible so it does not get rendered?

Either make it not renderable in the outliner or more simply move it to another layer that doesn’t get rendered.


Yepp, thanks again. Sometimes things are so easy :smiley: