Strange Experiences

This is my cheesy attempt at a marathon thread (they seem to be trendy now) so here it goes…

The point of the thread is to write about 2 strange experiences that you might have had while going about your daily life. They can either be true and fictional, or both true or both fictional. The next person will respond with his guess and his 2 experiences, then you come and respond with the answer. Mild dirtyness may be permitted but try not to go too far, keep it under the thread-locking limits. Anyway, here’s mine:

1. The Death of the Fly
One night I was at my computer working on a paper for my English class and there was this very annoying fly buzzing around. It landed on my screen several times and I tried to smash it to no avail. There was one instance where the fly landed on the screen and it didnt move at all, so I slowly put my finger up to the fly to see if it would move and I felt a small shock. There was a slight pop sound and the fly dropped dead on my desk. Pretty crazy huh?

2. Not those kind of cookies!
My uncle had a (not so bright) friend who was having some computer trouble so he asked me to take a look at it. I go to the dude’s apartment and take a look at the computer. It appeared to be working fine so I asked him what was wrong with it, and he tells me that the cdrom drive wont open. I try several ways to open the cdrom drive but i have to resort to the manual paperclip method. As soon as i open it cookie crumbles fall all over the place and im like “DUDE WTF DID YOU DO TO YOUR COMPUTER?” now, mind you the guy dosnt speak english very well so i said that in spanish of course. Then he mentioned to me that the computer said something about cookies so he inserted a cookie into the cdrom drive. What an idiot!

Okay, now go on… post your guess and your experiences = )

no replies huh? i suspect everyone is sick of marathon threads. ah well, either way i’ll give you the answers…

  1. True
  2. True

Kinda hard to believe but they are both true = )