Strange jumping problem

I’m making a game where you play as a softbody but my jumps sensor (space) doesn’t allow me to jump. However, when I take off the touch sensor, it works fine except you can fly

How would I overcome this?

What about this?

  1. Used a ray sensor in stead of a touch
  2. Toggled TAB in the space sensor so that it would jump the same hight every time.


How come when I’m in some places the sensor doesn’t work?

A “ray sensor” is an invisible line which points down on the z axe. The line is in the middle of the object… so if the middle of your ball is just of off your plane… it wont work.

Sry for crappy explanation. My English sucks.

I hope it help!

Thanks, it helped a lot although sometimes it wouldn’t respond perfectly, but I guess it is a softbody:rolleyes: