Strange lines when rendering out a image

Hello all.

I’m new to Blender and I’m currently busy making a Minecraft Machinima with it.

I’m using a Rig of Minecraft character that someone has created, and it’s a awesome rig, but I have some problems with it that I can’t solve. You can find the Rig at this link:–-show-off-your-skins-in-style/

So, when I apply the texture I want to use on the model and render it out I get some strange lines. Here are the pics.

That is the model in 3D view and everything is fine. Don’t mind the head texture bug, it’s normal.

And when I render it out I get something like this.

As you can see there are some weird lines just below the characters head. How can I fix that?

I followed a video tutorial on YouTube on how to apply my skins to the rig and some guy posted the following solution:

The White lines are caused by interpolation, it’s a setting under “Image Sampling” when you set up a Textured Material in blender. This is not a bug in Blander, the same issue happens in 3D Studio Max, Maya, XSI, TrueSpace etc. when your material isn’t set up correctly.

Then later he posted this:

Also of note, when I grabbed the MinecraftBody_blend.blend file, loaded it up and looked at the UV Coords I can see places where the creator didn’t snap the UV’s to the Grid so you are getting UV’s that are just slightly off which can also cause those lovely lines.

Unfortunately I’m new to Blender so I can’t figure out how to do the stuff he described. So can someone please help me out and post some instructions( with some pics so I don’t get lost :D).

Thank you for reading.

Sorry for bumping the thread but I really need this problem fixed. Has anyone got a solution?

Hi :slight_smile: basically for the UV mapping you did for the “hat” bit of the character, the front face of the cube’s mapping is slightly off the actual mapping of the texture. Just go back to the UV editor, find the front face on the image and move one of the edges a little bit further into the right area. I’ve got a tutorial on my channel doing exactly this if you’re still unsure. You can just jump to the bits you need, or if you want you can send me your .blend file and I can show you how to do it with pictures or a video.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply Enigma. I will take a look at it tonight.

Well I tried to fix it, but UV image editor just won’t cooperate. I would really appreciate if you could give me a hand. You can download the rig and take a look at it. The link is in the first post.

If you can send me your own .blend file with your skin I’ll be able to help, I think your skin is too low res at the moment…the skin in his post seems fine, but its just a simple version. I don’t really want to play with some one elses provided blend file, it’s a little rude lol.

Here you go. Thank you again for looking into this.

Hi, I’ve checked it out, tried many things and come to the conclusion you can’t fix it in Blender Internal, as soon as I switch it to cycles however it all works fine, so I released a new video showing how to add the materials for Blender Internal, but that line is still faintly there. So I also included the .blend file which contains both the cycles version and the blender internal version.
So if you’re determined to use Blender Internal, I’m afraid I can’t help much. Personally I recommend you use cycles. My version of the minecraft character with both cycles and blender internal materials is in the description of this video:

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Good Luck :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know what engine is better, since I’m new to Blender.

So my question is, can I change the current rig that I’m using to Cycle engine? If so can you please tell me how to do that.

Yeah, just along the top there’s a button that says “Blender Render” click that and select “Cylces Render” unfortunately, any materials that you have made will need to be remade for cycles.

And I can remake materials as you posted in your latest YouTube video? Just in the cycle engine?

Yeah, should be able to, if there’s any issues just let me know…