Strange meeting

This is a picture I did, starting with the monk(which is for another project, sculpted). I wanted just to add a background, but it evolved quite nicely, so I decided to post here. I also played with compositing a little, it saved me a lot of render time. This is a downgraded version of a 2k image.

NOW you’re talkin! Particle grass? Tree script?

Awesome. My only crit is the cloth shader doesn’t quite look like cloth.

I really like this picture. Good mood and use of color.

really cool, i like how you did the plants

Very nice! I love the whole feeling of the image. Very well put together!

Papasmurf: what else could that be? :wink: Especially the ease of use of the tree script was really good. Also I love the softness of the look of strands on the trees, which wasn’t hard to achieve too.
And those who say shaders on the monks suck, are true. I really didn’t have time to tune them…

I like the lighting, color and the resulting mood very much! very nice!

very nice… i think you could’ve taken the surreal flowing feeling even further… tangle things together and make them sway in the wind as one …


Nice D&D feeling to it… only thing that bothers me is the flat-transculent treeleafs… thingys… Not sure what they are. But look like you have just flatshaded mesh with alpha set on it. Ah… hard to explain. Other than that very nice image.

thing is, i think that is exactly what makes this nice one… it’s not all that 3d… and i think it could use more 2d like elements… :slight_smile:

i also like the cloth material… so if i would change something, it would be the tree trunk shading…


I like it!

ah, thanks for comments, though a 2 month old picture. Regarding the crits(thanks for them too), I think more of what basse said, I personally think the strands on trees came out best and rest follows. It’s really not tuned to perfectness - to merge in 1 feeling, and I could spend on it some time yet. I have some plans using the picture in some else context, so it’s still future.

Great, makes me laugh for some reason :). Maybe just because it really is a strange meeting. Reminds me or Dr. Seuss.

You know, thinking about this image, what if you actually removed the little halo star in the middle? I think it might give it an even more mysterious look…

hmm, but if you remove the halo the source of light becomes unclear and the scene looses its center. I don’t think that improves things. If the halo really bothers you it might be better to replace it with some kind of ancient artifact or sth like that… :]

ps: I don’t really agree that it’s bad to post on old threads. You didn’t complain but there are people and moderators that find it offensive. Why? THE advantage of a forum is that you can have a conversation that is traceable through time. If I would open a new thread to add some thoughts to an old one you loose the context and things get too chaotic. So what’s the idea of keeping people from posting in old threads?? Maybe I should start a new thread for this discussion, sry :]

I love the grass!

Excellent atmosphere. Relay nice picture!
Your are not only good coder but artist as well.

thanks a lot, I hope I’m an better artist than a coder. Since I suck at coding really a lot, although I’d like to get better to get some of my ideas into blender :slight_smile:

I see, I see, very good !!
There is feeling, there is art and most important to me – there is story
Just one word : mist? :confused:
thanks for posting.