Strange mesh deformation when rigging and error message.

Problem 1.)

When rigging with automatic weights I get the error “bone heat weighting failed to find solution for one or more bones.”

Then in pose mode when I move bones the armature deforms and twists strangely and the bones influences parts of the mesh that it shouldn’t. How should I fix this?


Problem 2.)

If you notice, for some reason parts of the mesh are not influenced by bones that is should be. Part of the mesh moves and part of it stays causing it to stretch. How can I fix that?

Thanks. I’d apprciate some help.

Both problems are caused by the same issue… Using automatic weights.

Your best bet as far as trying to fix it would be to correct the bone weights manually using the Weight Paint mode

Do you know of a good tutorial for bone weight painting in blender 2.5+ ?

Try to make a ‘Remove double’ before in order to fix this problem

You could also have more than one armature applied.

Thanks, people. I’ll give your advice a try.

This was also a problem with me in the beginning. But, of course did what the others said and watched many tutorials and studied exactly what they did. Once you get the hang of it, it gets to be pretty easy…minus the underarms and shoulders which still kick my arse.