strange picture

has anyone made this picture before.


no, but it would be easy. also, this belongs in modeling.

i dont know how transfer it.

Yes, that’s a modeling topic. Join 4 default Torus objects, extrude.
Here’s the image to give some ideas

Able to model it in couple of minutes, wasn’t that difficult. Here you go the model, tell me what you think and is there something you want to be changed on the model?


I was just asking if someone had made this before or seen this somewhere.

And how and why would that help you exactly?

It might be copyright infringement.

Well… you’ll know that for sure when a lawyer knocks on your door. Jk.

I doubt such a thing could be copyrighted. Too basic. It would be like copyrighting a triangle.


But yeah, I bet that it is not copyrighted. Also if it was, you could do some slightly changes and it would be legally different. I can’t believe you could’ve done something that is exactly violating someones rights.

I must say that you chose a wrong thread for asking this question and also just because we haven’t seen “this” before doesn’t mean that someone else hasn’t already made this and copyright-ed it.

Only in USA? If that’s the way to go, then you register that shape. Just like the guy who had rights for the word “edge” and he sued every gaming company who used it, until EA:s lawyer army destroyed his monopoly. BTW. Rest of the world don’t anymore take seriously their juridical problems. Actually there is more lawyers in USA that other countries together.

How would you register a shape?

Maybe here:

What was the point creating two threads about this stupid subject !!

Threads merged into one

I don’t think that you could patent this shape, this would be categorized as a public domain under all circumstances. The fines bro’s tried to trademark the word REACT, and where did that lead them to?

Yes you can, if you have a trademark which logo this is. Or this is your product.