Strange Render Performance Task Manager Cycles Ryzen 3950X & RTX 2070 Refresh & 64GB Ram


I just noticed something which seems weird.

I am rendering a small test animation locally in 1920x1080.
Using E-Cycles on an XMG Apex 15.

CPU Ryzen 3950X
GPU RTX 2070 Refresh

While the frames are rendering resonably fast (1min 48Sec) per frame with OptiX and denoiser @56 samples, I took a look at the task manager and it looks like the machine is nowhere near to pull all the performance it has.
Can anyone make sense of this? Is this normal?

Thanks for help on interpreting this.


Anyone who can help?


I found a thread that might help you - Why Blender Cycles Rendering Not Using 100% CPU?

Basically he was able to fix by changing the tile size on rendering properties. lesser is better it seems

Thank you.

Actually that is half of the answer :wink:

I do understand that hybrid rendering is still compromised in Cycles, as the GPU needs large tiles and the CPU needs small tiles.

Still I am primarely rendering with the GPU which is a fast card in itself and that equally seems to be used only a little. I wonder why?

^i hope u already tried this

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I’ll look into both answers. Thank you!!!


Did you ever find your answer? it would be interesting to hear.
If you haven’t you can and should contact the developer of E-Cycles, surely he can help you out.

Hello check cuda in monitor ^^