Strange train

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:exclamation:Care! :exclamation:

There is everything: a cat, tentacles, a girl with headband with ears and a cactus, showing his tongue!!

:candy:Do you ever thought what will happen if bubblegum absorb your dna and become alive?
All of them left under seats, under desks and on street will start moving in one same moment!
Traffic will stop, lessons will stop too and people maybe gonna be chewed)) but i’m not sured,
i didn’t decide will bubblegum become a human eater or not)))

Couldn’t decide with color and light so much time.
Still not quite sure, there are 15 choices of render in a folder))

One moment this art became races above the water)) But after turned into what are you looking at! Dunno how,
better don’t ask!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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