Stranger Things - Demogorgon

My fan art of the Demogorgon from the Netflix series “Stranger Things”





I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

Thanks a lot Bart, glad to be there!

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How long did it take you to make this demogorgon? Is sculpting the main thing you need to acomplish this?

That is brilliant! Not just the creature’s sculpting and modeling which is incredible but the attention to scene as well! Fantastic stuff!

Is it me or has this image weird DOF. When im viewing at 100% im not really sure what the point is what needs to be in focus. Some parts seem sharp where others blurred. Looks a buit weird.

Other than that its a stunning model

Insane work you’ve done there.

Good job! I really like the details of the sculpt: the head, the skin… And also the light and the mood. Wow.

Great job, but you can do the same sculpt in blender, there are a lot of tools for that (Dyntopo - the same thing as Dynamesh, merge objects, lots of brushes etc.)