Stranger Trees

Number 93 of my weekly artwork series, the one you see in the preview is a square version. but the original ratio is 9:16

And here’s how I made the Tree, So long story short, I got me a DJI Mini SE, the cheapest drone they have I believe, well anyways, I used their cool little cinematic focus on target and circle around feature to make this. I did it 2 times with separate videos and input them into Reality Capture, and it turned out better than I thought

Here is the full version:

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How you set up the lighting?

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Where the red light is there is a sorta “door way frame” with a white emission along with an area light behind that with the same colour as the door way frame.

With a blue light behind the camera to highlight the trees at the front. Personally I would’ve brought the power of the blue light up a bit more but apart from that it works

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That looks really nice, love the mood!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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