This is what I did for the weekend contest, just looking for some advice for next time. Any criticism is appreciated, this render is slightly different from the one I had in the contest, I redid the lights a lot about an hour after the deadline… It’s already been noted that it’s a bit bright on the front of the board, but I kind of wanted it that way, because the lighting’s never perfect in a real photo, especially on a sunny day. But anyway, comments/criticism are greatly appreciated.

Poor Strategy


Dude, seriously. You cannot get better. That looks completely real. And this is coming from a guy who picks out the errors in CG…that is amazing.


i wouldnt advise frontal lighting because it looks way too much like a camera flash, if you wanted to do lighting from the front though i would advise changing the light so it would look more like a window, so sharper edges on the edge of the lighting and possibly a dark Xish pattern a window would create. either you can apply a texture to a light or you can make a quick mesh of a window and put the light behind it. happy blendering

except the lighting it looks real …nice work