Stratos HF 1976

Blender 2.5 uv texture, procedural and clone layer.
more ambient occlusion.
Internal blender render


Very cool!

nice. Turn table animation, with opening/closing action and nice sounds please!!

Great Render. I would like to see you do more with the car such as a simple racing animation.

Thanks guys, for the comments, really appreciated. I am preparing an animation soon. But nothing in the style Transformers:-P

seems like ingame one though… remake the lighting and material settings would boost this easily to 5 stars i think…

That looks really great!
Is it for a specific game?

Sorry for the delay. I did not do for the game. He is in Hi Poly. I make this to learn and compare the internal blender render with the 2.5x and 2.4x came to the conclusion that this was very powers.

I recently discovered the amazing HDR and angle map. All the images were in the blender internal render.


Good model and render.

I had a toy model of this car many years back: beautiful piece! It reminds me of Fiat x19.

About materials I think the basic paint should be a bit more reflective, it looks a bit dull now.

HDRI renders are very good, I’d just try an higher resolution picture, this one gets pretty blurry with current scale.

Its verry nice but as carrozza said if you make the paint a bit more mattalic looking rather than cheap house paint it would look much better.

Very nice. I am modelling a car at the moment - this would have taken some skill.

I agree with some of the comments about the texturing and rendering. It may actually need some compositing. Check out the Bender Guru realistic outdoor lighting tutorial -

This should give you some nice tricks to improve the lighting which would be well suited to a metallic object such as a car. You could also whack a Shell logo on some of those barrels and make yourself a pit-stop :cool: