Straw Effigy

I tried to create a straw effigy used to curse in traditional japanese way.
It is difficult to make realistic straw model and textures.
I couldn’t make them better than I wanted to make.

The best for now is this.

I’ll try it again, and I put what I think I can improve below.
Please tell me what you think about them. And please give me advice and critiques.


  • Making straw’s diameter smaller and put more them.
  • Making more various of shape of straws.
    I think t is surely a sober and perennial work.
    Is it possible to create without modeling each straws?
    For example, modeling is just simple doll shape and making most of material, texturing or modifiers.


  • Using photoscanned? single straw texture.
    I already got real straw, but I still don’t know how to use it to make textures.

Reference Image

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It is a great start, it looks like it is being used for an evil ceremony :slight_smile: I believe two things that could help would be to model the straw to be a lot flatter instead of round, and to add small hairs to the rope to give it more of a realistic feel :slight_smile: you can use this to initially randomize the placement of the straw as well as the scale and rotation within specific bounds :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your advice.
I have to make more straws if I make them a lot flatter .
So, this randomizing function will help me a lot.

This is work in progress.
I used photo “scanned texture”, I do not know if this is the correct name, but I scanned the actual straws. In order to apply this texture to very flat cylinders, I actually unwrapped the straws.

I think straws and ropes look too yellowish, so I’ll try to adjust colors to make them paler.
And I’ll add some extra small straws.