Street Fighter Dhalsim FAN ART

Hi folks!
My Last work!!! , Dhalsim vs mode from street fighter 2 champion edition.
100% Blender.

Screenshot from 2020-11-23 18-06-43




Wauw! That’s so cool!

I loved the Street Fighter games back in the day =^_^=

Thanks @Tomboz!!
We can play it online! :heart_eyes:

aweome job man! my compliments

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Thanks Marco! it was 8 days of pure pleasure.

Thanks for comment!

Great art!
You awaken my nostalgia :grin:

Thanks Fairsure!!! yeahhh man!
I love this game, I have the arcade and the pinball! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for your comment.

Lol used to play that a lot!!! :laughing:

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hahahahah yeah! it’s my favorite .
He is really slow and weak, but if you know the technique is invincible :muscle:.
I made the champion edition version, is like a blueberry!

Thanks for your comment!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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ooouhhh yeah!!
Thanks Bart!
I owe you a video about the bake pbr in english!


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A lot of sculpting and modeling images are coming here. But most of them using blender as a sub tool.
Happy to see something entirely done in blender.

Thanks! Blender is not zbush, we know, but a little bit of effort we can get a gud result.
Thanks again.

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