Street scene

I started working on a street scene, and the first result is this:

Problem is: windows, what can I do with them?

And ofc I’ll be really thankfull for all the feedback!

It looks like a good start. However, your textures are too different from one another. For example.the bottom of the wall closest to the camera. The texture just stops and then a new one is used for the top. This would be okay if there was a difference in the model, a ledge or something. Same goes for the farthest wall. There seems to be too much reflected light on the back wall. Try and make it softer and less bright. Also for the windows i would reduce the size of the wooden beams. Its clear that you have just placed them on top of each other, which is why it appears black at the joins. Move the horizontal ones further back from the vertical ones and that should solve that. Also the black line on the red brick texture looks a bit weird.

Other than that its a good start. Love the ground texture :slight_smile:

The windows could be improved by adding a mirror-factor to them, as that you could let the sky be reflected in them… and I think that you should add bump-maps to all the walls and the ground, especially to the left wall… the ground is a little bit too clean, but that’s only a detail. No matter, this picture looks already very good :wink:

Thanks all of you! I made some changes: on the left wall now there is a ledge, the bars at the windows get a new texture, and are smaller. The front wall is darker, and there is a column with a sign. Added some holder to the drip on the left.

The windows already reflects the sky, which is blue. I’m trying to make a non-transparent window. The wall in front of us has a ledge, the top of the basement goes slightly in. The black “textures” on the bricks are the wall, because it goes inside and than out again. (Sorry I don’t know what’s the name for it in english, it’s just like a ledge but goes in, not out.)

well bump map !

don’t see much 3D effect here

that can still be improved

happy 2.6

Know somebody a tutorial or a page, where I can learn more about bump maps?

You just need to set a texture to affect the normals. Then adjust slider to how you like :slight_smile:

Thanks, now I setted a clouds texture which is affect the normals, in the preview window I see that it has effect on the wall texture, but when I render it I don’t see the effect.

What can be the problem?

If is set the influence to color and render the image, I see the purple clouds on the wall, by still can’t se the effect of normals.

Right now it looks like there is a concrete wall behind the glass rather than it reflecting the sky. Are you using Cycles? If so, you could maybe try mixing the glass material with a glossy one and making sure there’s a sky image above the scene even though it doesn’t show up directly.

I also agree that some of the textures are too different to be right next to each other. Maybe on the left you could just use the bottom texture for the little ledge too, but that texture is strangely gritty to just be a sidewalk type thing. . Also you have some weird lines on the brick part, I think maybe the image isn’t made to be tiled 100% right. Overall it looks cool though :slight_smile: I like it

I can’t use the cycles right now, because the PC I use is not powerfull enugh. A changed the sky to a real sky texture, now it’s reflected on the windows, I added a fuse box, and a trash can. Still can’t make the left wall “bumpier”… I’ll work on the left some more. I also changed the left lower texture.

Remodelled and retextured the brick wall in the front, also make the fuse box smaller, and replace the high voltage sign.

I can’t help but notice the partial bricks on the bottom on the corner. Real bricks usually have half and whole bricks running up a corner. The slivers of bricks you have there take away any sense of realism in my opinion.
If you used a UV map for that wall then you can easily move the map to have whole-half bricks moving up the corner.
If you didn’t use a UV map might I suggest that you do?

Thank you, I didn’t noticed that, but you’re right. It was just “a click” with the UV map!

I think that looks a lot better.

I’d go into my image editor and rearrange the bricks too, to give them some variation. As you can tell they’re patterned. And maybe lower the specular highlights on the white brick a bit. but, it does look pretty good coming along.

And some trash and small rocks especially around the edges of the buildings.

Added some more details, not sure about the pizza box…

Made some changes…