STREET SHOT | final frame look


(LucaDiCecca) #1

Ok guys, after some little improvements i wont to share also in this thread a final frame for a trailer
I posted the old post in wip section, now it’s time to start a new scene.

(BigBlend) #2

Wow. Amazing quality render. This is cinema quality.

(LucaDiCecca) #3

Thanks a lot @bigbad

(SandraDau) #4


(hmd) #5

Very impressive! Your lighting is superb, can I know how dit you light your scene? Did you model everything in that scene ? Keep going

(LucaDiCecca) #6

Hi, thanks for feedback :slight_smile:
Yes. I modeled more or less everythings.

Here you can find a playlist of all objects modeled for this scene
This shot is part of a trailer that slowly goes on :slight_smile:

Also the cars are modeled and rigged

For the traffic light i made two video timelaps also

Lighting is made by two mixed Hdr.
I used Hdr Heaven source.
Here you can find a screenshot about lighting.

(hmd) #7

Hats off friend! A really great work, and a big one. How long did it take to be done? (in days numbers, in addition to all the work hours, personal obligations and so on)
Keep going

***ArtStation :
Patreon :
Behance :

(LucaDiCecca) #8

thanks a lot,
more or less 10 work day without characters

(shiyan lin) #9

Thank you for sharing the timelapse

You have strong skills of both modeling and rendering

(LucaDiCecca) #10

thanks a lot @shiyan

(Grzesiek) #11

That… is … impressive. And I greatly appreciate the fact that you shared the node setup of the lighting… will have to clone that.

Did you use also Fimlic setup in Blender? or just regular Cycles.

(LucaDiCecca) #12

@Grzeiek, yes i idid, the Filmic. Tnx for feedbacks

(Elias79) #13

Ground material is great the scene is impressive but why did you blow out the sky, was it on purpose?

(LucaDiCecca) #14

thanks @Elias79. Yes, it was the pupose but if u think it looks like an error i can decrease the glow strenght

(sundialsvc4) #16

This is a really nice setup – but, looking through the reel that you show in post #1, I would make one suggestion: that the camera should quickly zoom and then perhaps jump-cut to the waving figure so that we immediately see him. He’s completely lost back there, and since I presume that it’s a critical story-point that he’s trying to wave at someone who’s in that car / taxicab, he needs to quickly fill the frame.

Also, it has a monochromatic – hence a bit film noir – feel to it because of the general lack of color. If the ambient lighting were a mixture of bluish and yellowish hues it might turn out better.

(mycatnameistux) #17

very clean animatic scene that I love it!!!

(WeakFredo) #18

The light is extraordinary. Thanks for the info. I’ll study that.

(masterxeon1001) #19

dizamn haha

(LucaDiCecca) #20

Thanks a lot for this deep review!
Yes, with the animator also we thought that the character was invisivble…maybe I zoom in fast

(pempol) #21

Fantastic Work !!