strength of wind

what is the strength of wind in real life
eg strength 1 = x cfm
thanks brad

Wind is a constant force in a single direction, not wind in the real world sense.

Blender doesn’t simulate everything with wind it use to use one empty to direct it toward the object:cloth or water to effect the surface or fabric in its path. , if you wanted to make it seem everything was surrounded by wind you would use a lot of empty’s with the settings you want it to be in that area, anyway its trail and error really until it seems like a natural flow.

i want to use a fan at the same as wind for my physics project

i have to do a simulation in blender then do the same experiment in real and find the limitations of blender

aare you using 2.49c or 2.51 version older is better easier to understand.

i am using 2.49b