Strike Gundam GAT-X1105B

This my latest model used for the Blender italian contest " Fantastic robot". All part modelled with Blender, render in cycles 2560×1440 a 4000 samples, Gimp for final effects.

This is an other render using the same model

Awesome!!! This is a very detailed model…congrats!

WOW, the 2nd one can be used as wallpaper if it was high resolution.

Thanks, yes I have used it as a wallpaper! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Awesome details, this is a very good Gundam model.
I like the turntable version so it’s possible to see the good job that you have done!

Thanks, that is true, i like this version too.

This type of Gundam is an existing model?

Yes as indicated in the tilte this is the strike Gundam GAT-X105B

Awesome it’s a really good results!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Excellent job!

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: