Stripes bug on textured material


I am having this weird visualization issue with EVEE.

I am using a principled BSDF material with shaders on base color, roughness and normal channels.

Everything looks good on the closeup,But as I move away some weird stripes are seen on the surface>

all the surfaces have been properly unwrapped.

any ideas what may be causing it? The issue is only present in EVEE. Cycles render works just fine.



I’m struggling with this issue too. Has anyone found a way to deal with this? It’s the only thing preventing me from getting a good animation preview.

Thank you!

You probably need to post more information - perhaps a node setup. My first reaction to seeing the image above was “cool material, looks a bit like carbon fibre”

Is it not supposed to look like that?

I guess one thing to check is that you haven’t inadvertently duplicated the geometry and therefore have coincident/overlapping faces - that can cause artifacts of the type seen here.

If duplicated geometry isn’t the problem…check your clipping distance. This looks like a very small mesh…and clipping can add strange artifacts as well as vanishing mesh when too close or far away…