Stripping down Python?

(Waffler) #1

I wanted to get Python onto my other computer, but it has very limited harddrive space and I have no practical way of transfering data. I wanted to know what files would be the bare minimum of Python, still allowing it to work well with Blender. I would very much appreciate the help, since my better computer is constantly stolen away from me by fellow family members.

(Hos) #2

Blender comes with it’s own python interpreter and mainly uses
the installed python to get standard modules (the stuff in your
PYTHONPATH). You might be able to delete the python executable.
That should save you a whopping 500k or so.

You could probably delete modules in your PYTHONPATH that you are never
going to use, for example, etc would only be useful if you are
using python for web stuff.


(theeth) #3

I’d say, why don’t you use the built-in modules for now (those included in the Python interpreter that is built in Blender) and whenever you need something else, you could instal just the module you need ( for example).


(Waffler) #4

I didn’t know that Blender had a built in interpreter. Thanks! I thought that I would have needed to copy over a bunch of files, but I guess I don’t.

(jms) #5

At least the files of the python/lib directory. Very useful.