Strong Bad

(shawnsonium) #1

If you’ve ever been to, you know Strong Bad. I started modeling him in Blender, and haven’t modeled his face yet (only his mouth). Let me know what you think so far.

The bases of this thumbs are kinda bent weird, so that’s another thing I’m gonna fix later on.


(mrmunkily) #2

The body shape and proportions look about right, now work on the face. lookin good.

(CurtisS) #3

Not bad… Looks like this could be a fun animation project!
Keep us updated.

(digitalSlav) #4

looks sweet - the mouth area should be the same color as the body though. finish the head and rig this bad boy for some ass kickin brutality :slight_smile:

(hedge) #5

on a scale of 1 to awesome thats super great :wink:

(Turrin) #6

Oh crap! Crappidy crap! Thats awesome man!

I love Strong Bad is freakin hilarious.


(shawnsonium) #7

Well, I had a LOT of trouble trying to model 3D details for his face, so in the end I just UV mapped a 2D image of his face to his head. I think it still looks pretty good anyway.

The image is hosted at Tripod, which blocks out the image if it’s linked to from a different website. You’ll have to see by going to my site:, and it’s right on the main page under “Newest Image”.