Strong Shapes/ Sharp details in stylized sculpts


(antocorr) #1

So guys,
This is my first post! I started sculpting a couple of weeks ago and I’m starting with some stylized Characters. The problem I’m encountering now is lack of sharp details. What I mean is if you look on the upper lips is not round at all, it’s all jagged while it should be round and sharp. The only way I found is by retopologizing so that I have less control points for the shape.
But on a lot of sculpt I found online also on video tutorials everything is so smooth still so detailed. Is there any technique I should learn to achieve such nice results?
Thank you guys in advance

(Metin Seven) #2

Hi @antocorr,

Welcome to the Blender community. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Are you already using Dyntopo? That sculpting approach allows you to dynamically reduce and increase detail locally.

Secondly, use the Crease brush (Shift + C) while holding the Control key to create sharp ridges, like at the edge of lips. Increase your brush size to broaden the ridges.

Good luck,


(pachupp) #3

Additive crease with stroke set to smooth to get nice and clean lines. A lot of smooth, and pinch.
For organic stuff this would be the way to go, but on more hard surface things i would recommand retopo (its same approach in zbrush).

(antocorr) #4

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about sharp edges, is more about sharp shapes and by sharp I mean strong shapes. For example on that dog the shapes between the upper lip and the nose, It’s round but If i try to round it using brushes it will still have all the jagged outlines.

(FlyingBanana) #5

Smooth brush and add and smooth and add and smooth. If you notice in a lot of those videos you mention there is a lot of smoothing going on which you barely notice cause holding shift switches automatically to smoothing so there is no brush select seen.