Struggling with sculpting

A work that came out during a struggle to get in touch with the essentials of human figure in digital sculpting. Constructive comments are welcome, as usual… :slightly_smiling_face:

Sculpting has been made in 2.79 and rendering in Cycles. The aged bronze shading is made by the use of a rock texture as a pattern for the colors and bumps.

Ok. So:
Eyes are positioned very high in the face. In an adult character, they usually are mid-line. Not a rule anyway; do exist a lot of squat-head guys.
Neck is very long. Looking from back, apparently the low part of the skull is missing. Even in this case, not a rule, but…
The necklace should be laid around the shoulders, not hanging over the trapezoidal muscle.
Not bad in the end. Has something cartoonish. I think you should only set for the skull anatomy a bit better.
Just my 2p, of course. :wink:

Thanks Kabu! You are right, when seen through the criteria of strict anatomical consistency there are such issues as those you mentioned. But my aim was to give a ‘commented’, in an artistic sense, look to it. I do think that a strict realism robs from life and beauty in art. The thing that makes art to be art is the ‘comment’ it makes on reality.

But anyway, your observations are valuable. Thanks for putting them forth. :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally liked the sylized look of this human head. I enjoy the profile work. It will even look nicer if you could rework your lighting setup and get rid of blacks.

I am working on a paid add-on, soon will be released to make life easier for sculptors btw.

Thanks Kkar!

What kind of an add-on will be the one you refer? What kind of tools it will have? Some information about it?