Struggling with shrink wrap + sappling to make roots

Ive been struggling with this for hours and I just cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I tried following this tutorial to make roots as you will see at the timestamp the roots conform to the surface but maintain their volume, whereas in my attempt the roots end up flattened against the target mesh.

my goal in general is to try and make some that reach out and then run along the brain in this scene, I’m also open to other ideas on how to achieve this effect.

P.s. is there a way to make a mesh follow multiple curves inside a single curve object? i.e. use the sapping curve and make a tree of chains for example? in the above screenshot, you can see my attempt to manually due to individual curves and chains but that was a real pain in the ass and took forever to do manually.

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Hope this will help you will have the veins and the shape where you want them to grow and they are edges so you can use skin modifier to have real veines that are connected and not separated branches as i understand it

For those getting flat geo, don’t underestimate the whole process, adding the hook modifier is vital for the roots to stick out of the floor.

Is the very first comment on that video.

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wops… embarrassing miss on my part, thanks.


The answer to yr second question, is the Skin modifier…

How would I go about that? i did not know there was a way to customize the style of the skinning?

on the left you see the “tree of chains” I made with multiple unique chains and curves. I can see how much easier it would be with verts and the skin modifier if I could somehow get it to skin the mesh with chains instead of cubes but after 30 min of googling I cant for the life of me see how that would be possible?

No, sorry, I only read the part of yr question not the chain bit.

Tissue add on may be able to handle this.