Stuck creating holes


I’m having trouble creating basic square holes in my mesh.

I decided to try and create a basic locker but when I get to the point of creating the vent holes the only way I can seem to figure it out is to create lots of vertices and dissolve the edges at the end to clean everything up.

I’m wondering if there is an easier / better way of doing this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Below image is what I am trying to create:

Below image is my current progress:

Below is my current .blend file of my object before I start making a mess.

Vintage Locker.blend (481 KB)

You could do it a little cleaner, but given the form, there’s no way of avoiding creating cuts for each slot. One way I would do it though is to try and limit where the added geometry is from the get go and also make cuts then bevel the egde to create the hole.

I have done a quick example of one way I might tackle it:

if your not looking to get this model into a game or anything then colkai’s eaxample is totally fine since NGONS are your freind here. But if you’d be trying to get this to a game lets say on a mobile platform then you’d simply paint it on in texturing with a normal map or something similar

Agreed, for game, a baked normal map would be the obvious solution. :slight_smile:

Hi colkai,

Thank you very much for posting replys & video! I totally forgot about using the knife tool (partly because I’ve not used it much). Also that’s a good idea on how to use the bevels on the edges as well! Thank you again :smiley:

Hi jellymeyer,

Thank you for the reply! Yes I’ve heard of ’ normal maps ’ but not 100% sure how they work. Once I finish the locker I will take a look at some normal map tutorials and see how they can enhance my models for games. I assume they show detail but allowing the removal of vertices?

I’m happy that you guys said basically I am on the right track with this model. It means that what I have been learning has been sinking in! I will now apply your advice to my work-flow :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions, you can always post a thread here or drop me a P.M. Happy to help. :slight_smile:

might be one way to do it for Game
but not certain normal map can represent such big volume nicely

there are limits on the 3D effect that can be done with that method
might be better to stick with real mesh

but test it and show us results

happy cl

low poly version with normal map on the third, high poly door on the first layer.


Vintage Locker3.blend (146 KB)

I’d probably do it something like this:

Vintage Locker1.blend (491 KB)

Hi JA12,

Thank you for the .blend file! Yes this is exactly how I want to create it. I will use your model as a guide when making mine. I do have a silly question regarding the blender interface now. When I open your blend file, on the right are all the layers.

When I uncheck the low poly door and low poly locker they are not displayed in the main view (this is fine but).

Then there is the high poly door & high poly locker. I will leave this on (the eye ball icon) but I am unable to view the highpoly versions in the main view. Sorry for asking a really simple question lol :slight_smile:

Screenshot below:

Hi Kurtis,

Thank you for uploading your blend file but when I open it its just a blank file for me. No object to view. OR am I doing something wrong to view it?

I think something went wrong when he uploaded it, my blender at work just crashes when it tries to open it.

The scene layers are on the 3d view header. There are objects on layers 1-3 and the visibility can be toggled by changing the layer, or view multiple.
Click on the layer with mouse, or could use number keys 1-3 to switch layers. Shift+click allows to add/substract from the currently visible layers.

I’m not sure why you can’t open it, it loads fine on my PC.

I’ve reuploaded the file and added a screenshot as well.


Vintage Locker2.blend (491 KB)

Probably has something to do with my blender at work. I get this:

Warning! Unable to find a pixel format that supports WGL_SWAP_COPY_ARB. Substitu
ting one that uses WGL_SWAP_UNDEFINED_ARB.
Warning! Legacy WGL is unable to select between OpenGL versions.Error: EXCEPTION

Hi JA12,

Ah yes I see now with the layers. Learning something new all the time! :smiley:

Thanks again for the help I really appreciate it!

Hi Kurtis,

Yes the file does work for me. For some reason when I load the file it opens two .blend projects. One of them is blank and the other with the locker!

Thanks again for taking the time to make the model and uploading it. I’m trying to re-create everyones advice / tips on the locker. Hoping this will speed up my own process for the next time :slight_smile: