Stuck In 3D View

So I am modeling something in blender and accidentally I moved some object way far so I returned them. And I needed to scroll-out to see them I returned them back. Now I can’t zoom in anymore. Version of Blender : 2.62.

Here is picture :

Is there anyway to solve this ???

Thnx for reading :slight_smile:

with SHIFT+C you can resize your viewport to include all the objects on the scene

if you select an item you can find its coordinates in the property panel ( the shortcut is N with your mouse on the viewport area )

Make sure something is selected (if you can’t select, select from the Outliner)
then press " Numpad . "
or click on “View -> View Selected”

See if now the mousewheel is working again for zoom in/out, if not see in File -> User Preferences , the Input tab and check/uncheck “Emulate 3rd mouse button” to see if it unlock the mouse.
If not, make sure you mousewheel really work and there’s no dirt/damage to it.

Thnx Guys you bouth helped me :slight_smile:

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