Stuck in Blender's Interface again

I’ve been working with Blender for more then two years, and I keep making what seem like they would be beginner mistakes. I don’t really know how they happen.

Today, I’m looking at a mesh file that looks as though I hit z to make it transparent… but I didn’t. I keep selecting z, and z again. When I render image, it doesn’t generate anything on the screen, its dark. I deleted the camera and remade it, nothing. I deleted the sun and made multiple lights, nothing. I checked on the scene to see if I’d clicked on something that would make the cube not selectable. After hours of checking, I don’t believe that any such switch has been thrown.

I’d like to go on record and say that I think the customizability of Blender is a huge problem. I’d like it to be less customizable. I wish I could afford something else.

If somebody can tell me what it is this time, I would appreciate it. This will be the fourth consecutive time I’ve delted and restarted because something stupid happened. I had hoped that many months of dedicated research, study of books and so on would allow me to use this tool, but I feel like there is always one more thing I haven’t been told about. I’m not convinced I can ever make it through to the end with this miserable thing.

I hope someday somebody comes up with a “revert to initial settings” that doesn’t remove my model. Something that gives me a working camera view of a normal object with no special settings.

Upload the blend file to and tell us the download link

This is a good place to resolve your Blender beginner questions, I’m sorry you went through months of frustration before coming here! There are ways to revert your settings to default but let’s fix the file you’re working on first before getting into all that, so upload to the link Richard gave you and we’ll get this fixed quickly… chin up, lots of people here to help.

And BTW, fourth time deleting and restarting is pretty normal when starting out no matter what program you’re using!

Are you using more than one language Keyboard??
I had the same Problem by accidentally changing input methods ( right under, next to date and time)

If faces aren’t showing the only thing that comes to mind is either you have the material set to wireframe, or you have the object set to be displayed as wireframe.
If your whole scene is rendering black then there could be another issue.
Try starting a new .blend and append the model from the old one. Then at least you’ll know if there’s a problem with your mesh or if it’s something caused by materials/lighting/camera etc in your scene.