Stuck on the very basics

I have tried using Blender a couple of years ago but gave up due to not being able to get to grips with the basics.
One of the problems I’m having is moving the little orange dot (sorry I don’t know it’s propper name) to one of the corners and to have it move to the centre (where the ‘X’ is on the screenshot.

I also keep accidentally moving the little white circle and I’m unable to get it back to the centre and keep it there.

I’ve tried following tons of tutorials on YouTube but they all go too fast, I get lost, even after playing the video over and over again to try to understand what they are doing.

To align the orange dot (so called origin point) you go to “object”, “set origin” and then chose one of the options.

The little white circle (the cursor) you move by selecting “object”, “snap” and look at the options you have for the cursor there. In your case it would be “cursor to world origin”.

Think of “the origin” as being “the center of” the object … which might not actually be in its geometric center. This is "where the object is."

The Shift + S pie menu is one you use a lot in Blender.

You need to select the object, then TAB into Edit Mode. Select one of the corners. Shift + S , Cursor to selected (2).
TAB out.
Object > Set origin > Origin to 3D cursor.
Shift + S, Cursor to World Origin.
Shift +S , Selection to cursor.