Studer A810 Reel To Reel Tape Recorder


Been learning about Cycles and practising my Subd modelling for product design. It’s not meant to be photo realistic but it has to explain form and materials to clients. Lit by HDRI map.


Very impressive. I would like to know, how long the project took and how many polygons the model has.
But maybe the ground is to glossy. I think it is a little bit annoying at the second picture.

@ FredvomJupiter thanks. it took me a couple of months in my spare time. Lots of trial and error. Without the duplicated/mirrored reflection it’s 210,356 triangles before I apply subd modifiers. There’s lots of detail on the top and back which you can’t see here. If I get access to a render farm - I’ll churn out a turntable.

Nobody likes the reflections! Apart from me :slight_smile: the reflections are a problem because I’ve lit the scene with a HDRI map and a shiney floor/background will display the reflection and the HDRI map. I dont know how to extract the reflection pass in Cycles (like I do in Maya). I’m not sure if Cycles supports reflection passes?

Nice Job! I used to record on a 4 track Tascam 34. Finally got a 4 track cassette recorder and thought it was the pinnacle of recording technology lol. This is so authentic and brings back memories. The meters, the knobs, the red LEDs… WOW!

Just Perfect!

This is awesome. Shared to

@lovefork it’s a beautiful and functional piece of product design. If I can’t own a ‘reel’ one then I had to create a virtual one.

@nkansahrexford cheers

Awesome WORK!