Studio Physics Demo + Constraint Strings (+Mouse Grab)

BGE physics playground with (pseudo) photography studio lighting. Includes constraint strings example code, keyboard + mouse interaction / grab, set to initial.

Youtube video: Studio Physics Real-Time Demo + Constraint Strings - Blender + Bullet

Download (updated for 2.66a!!): (let me know if there is a better place for me to post it)

excellent use of BGE & bulletphysics.

Very nice, SSAO is not compatible with nVidia. Works with alternate filter though.

wow great work! I confirm that SSAO do not work on my 670gtx. Still didn’t try alternative filters thou.

Another thing… how do I turn around the sight? With the mouse? Because it doesn’t work for me… I can move with WASD RF, but I cannot look around with the mouse.

Hold down the middle mouse button to look around.

As for the filters, everything works fine here - Both DOF and SSAO working fine on an old nVidia GeForce 9300m GS.

All in all, very interesting and beautiful demo :slight_smile:

o man… it was written in the second line… sorry!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


This is AWESOME! Thank you thank you thank you!

This is a python newbie goldmine! I don’t know, this has so many great implications, I will have to rethink my realtime archviz, because this could really be useful!

5 stars!

That’s so exciting! Thank you!

Lol, this is great - made me smile.
I managed to put some of the horses back on their “feet”:

And a nice demonstration of the BGEs’ capabilities.

Amazing work! I can’t believe how smooth it runs even when I spawned many objects.

Amazing… But how did you do the lights? I tried for ~hour to figure out how you did it, still confused. Does it have something to do with textured area lights?

I have four feature reguests that I think would really improve this demo!

  1. ALT key - Would let you control your grabbed object on an XY plane on the current Z position. This would be an easier way to control objects in depth, rather than using SHIFT and CTRL, because you could measure the current height of another object and then know that when you move around you will keep that Z height locked.

  2. SPACEBAR - toggle between mouselook and grab pointer. Middle mouse button is a bit tedious. Default would be mouselook.

  3. Any key close to WASD - Lets you activate the grab pointer when held down, in contrast to SPACEBAR. this would only work when you are in mouselook mode.

  4. When in mouselook mode you can still grab things with the middle pixel of the screen, you could add a little crosshair, like a little ring or something. ALT key would still work the same as in pointer mode, and objects move as you move the camera.

This would make the demo much more intuitive, and I would love to see the code for this, I haven’t figured out yet how to make these changes, I am still a newbie on python :wink:

It is just two point lights and one spotlight. Press ALT+H to unhide the lamps. The shading is set to GLSL, check Render > Shading in the Properties panel.

Long live the mighty blender

Updated StudioPhysicsDemo.blend for 2.66a at top of thread (not that different).

Some may be interested in my latest related video about: Bullet Physics Collision Margins and Shapes

I learned alot from that video, perfect crash course in how to use the Bullet engine! +1

Hi @Phymec,

Thank you so much for sharing your .blend!!!
I found you first at with lots of interesting and beautiful videos.
After watching several of them, I really wanted to know how it was done.
Now I can see the source file, I’m willing to dive into your artwork and technique. Thanks again.

I’m also using Bullet in Blender (Robot, Pole Standing, ), but my skill is not so high. I will learn from your .blend~

Thanks, Phymec! This is great stuff for people like me who are new to this world of Blender, graphics, and simulation. The physics engine is very interesting to me, and I picked up a lot of info about it in a short amount of time by watching some of your videos. I demand that you make more videos. As if that would work, but you get the idea.

Absolutly amazing…i had tons of objects on my screen with no lag at all…JUST WOW!!!

download link is broken…
any alternatives ???