Study Room

Hi everyone :eyebrowlift:

I’ve been working on this one for three days. I think I could move on and start a new scene, but I’m not sure.
I don’t know what it is, but something’s missing about the lighting :confused:… Now that this pre-render is done, I notice that there are some anti-aliasing issues on the chair’s legs and the spindle … why? . Also I forgot to make the back a bit smoother.

Anyway what do you think?


Here are my settings.

Not sure about the anti-aliasing issues but this is looking really great to me! Nice subtle light coming through the curtains too.

There are few things that I think could do with a bit of tweaking:

  • The wood on the side panels desk look a little pale and could do with a subtle bit of gloss and slightly darker detail texture.
  • There’s something subtly off about the carpet - the grain looks like it’s a bit too big and appears to stretch away from the camera like it’s been raked or something… also, you may want to have some signs of wear or subtle dirt or compressed/worn areas where the person sits.
  • Should that door handle be facing downward?

Anyways, I think these are only minor details in a great looking render :slight_smile:

I agree with samfu; the carpet texture doesn’t look quite right. See if scaling it down will solve the problem. Also, I notice that the base of the table cuts straight into the carpet. It gives away the carpet being a plane. Usually the color darkens at corners/intersections, but at the base of the table it remains just as bright. It might be part of your lighting setup though.

You may also want to ask yourself: what is the focus of the scene?

The raw wood of the desk doesn’t really match the scene. I think gray or black, maybe even white would look much better.
Also there is a strange slab of wood under the bookshelf.

Another thing, doors really are not that tall. There should be about a foot from the ceiling to the top of the door. In your render there appears to be about three inches of space.

The door (both height and handle) seem off.

Screens emit light, but it looks like a picture of a mac desktop glued to a monitor. Also, macs are shiny, some (more) gloss would really sell it.

The carpet takes up a huge amount of the picture, so you should really focus on that. A good bump map will make it look great. Most of the time you can do it very simply in an image editor (it won’t be great quality), and it will be very worth it.

I also think the wood under the bookshelf is a bit strange, and think the wood lightness is off. It should either be white or a bit darker. You have some red/gold books across from it, so perhaps something a with a bit of red (like thisbut lighter).

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