Hi … etc

in the educational system of jordan
the high school is called Tawjehi

and the word (Tawjehi) means : a thing that will decide your doom .

now , if I have the grade of 82 % or more … then I will be able to study enginering in the univirsity

but if not , then i will not be able to do so .

can you give me some hints please …

now i’m very good , physics , and math
and i’m excelent in Biology and Islamic religion and arabic language and English language

and there is an other book called " al thaqafa ul-aammaa "
(various knowledges)

which i am good with


ok , how do you study :confused:


Erm… I study at an avaradge level. Currently I’m getting really fed up with math because its really pointless. I think that 2 years on I’m only going to remember that math at this point of school was pointless and not remember any equasions or anything that now seems unimportant.

@Blenderist: depends what you’re studying. I used to think maths are pointless for someone who does economics (like me), but it turns out you really DO need algebra if you want to study economics.

My suggestion would be working with summaries like spider’s webs, tree structures and flowcharts. These will make studying easier since you filter out all the important things and how they relate to each other. Later on, you can build upon the fundaments you have lain with your summary.
I’d also suggest using color in your summaries and actual courses, write down your summaries a couple of times, speak out loud, anchor pieces of info to invented stories or whatever gets your imagination work in your advantage and stuff like that. Also, it’s best to work in short bursts since studies have shown that you’ll remember best what is learned in the beginning of a studying session and what is learned at the end, so regularly take a 3-minute break (in which you’ll do some fitness, do some yoga… but NOT computer, video games, television, reading…)
Finally, drink a lot of water. Really, many people have lack of H2O. And make sure your brains have enough sugars so they can work :slight_smile:

Hope my advice helps :wink:

I thought you may be fed up with english cause you can’t spell lol.
Yeah I can’t spell either.

Seems we have a Blender terrorist, lol, just kidding.

“…the word (Tawjehi) means : a thing that will decide your doom .”

Hmm… Sounds like the every other American school.

Seems like you have your major bases covered concerning Engineering (I guess), but is that really what you want to persue? Think about what you like doing, cause whatever you like doing is what you’ll excel in. I think I may be offtopic, but I’m just sharing some wisdom I’ve learned.

I try to understand the subject rather then depend on memorization. A good instructor makes all the difference in the world, as this influence will keep your interest peaked.

Lolz. I know that I make a lot of mistakes. That’s cause I’m lazy. My english teacher has also said that I’m lazy. That I know how to talk in english and construct sentances but my spelling… thats another story :smiley:

Be happy that I can spell that well!
Some people can only speak one language. And english is my second language.

Man, how dull must somebody be if they can’t even spell the phrase ‘lol’

Studying to become an engineer too eh? I’m doing the same thing but why do you need to have 82% or more?
I hope your grades are using the “american” grade system where a 60-70 is an average grade so 82 is at above average.
In my school we are also using 100% grade system but it’s completely proportional. 50% is average and it grows in a linear way (unlike the american system which is not proportional) See it as a scaled to a 100 20/20 point system the French use (if you know about it). Because if we had to have an 82% average(which is a high or even excellent score by our standarts) in all our classes to get into the university then that would be a very very high bar. But to get into engineering university over here, you just have to pass the entry exam.

On the other hand, the best way to make it is study regularly and understand what you are studying (it’s much easier and you’ll remember it for a lot longuer than if you studied by heart). Also, before a major test, or any test, do a study burst like someone mentioned above.

Wish you the best of luck

It might be stupid but “engineer” can mean quite a lot of things, no? What kind of engineer…

But if you’re good with Math and Physics, you’ll most likely have a good position to start your studies well…

Hi , thanks all

Seems we have a Blender terrorist, lol, just kidding.

terrorist ? who do you mean , even if you mean me it is too hard to make me upset :slight_smile:

, to the one who asked :- i meant Computer Enginering .