([email protected]) #1

yep thats right a WW2 german stukka dive bomber its pretty WIP and at the mo im working on the cockpit details before i go onto a scene but sometheing seems out of place and i cant quite put my finget on it… anyone lend me a hand on this one ok and assides from it being too dark i didnt notice that until i prewviewed on here at least i didnt post this in blenderchat or that would be the first thing SP would have complained about…

(Ecks) #2

It look good right now but it is a little bit dark. If you put more light…maybe we will see the detail more…look good so far :smiley:

(NateTG) #3

looking good, but the wings should come up more. stukas had wings that came down, then went up. you kinda got them coming down, but they arn’t coming back up

good otherwise. :smiley:

(S68) #4

Looking very good, for what I can see in such a dark picture :slight_smile:


([email protected]) #5

lol the wings do go back up its a bit of a weird angle… im almost done now this thing is goin into the WC YEAH VOTE ME! :smiley: