Stupid But Beautiful


I have just started building my model for a project i have had in my head for a while, probably since October/December of last year, it is an idea of making images of well know objects/brands and have them represented in new, surprising, or like this image, stupid, ways. Its part of a brief i gave myself in order to practice my hard surface modeling.

This is an idea of a set of headphones made out of very heavy and machined forms, and the material will be mostly mostly aluminium for the main structures, leather for the padding, and wood will be used for the “bars” going across the face.

So then, the grill face. Why?..Because.

No, not really, but sort of, i wanted to add another big shape to the composition, and the core idea is a smaller version of a piece of furniture I want to design one day. I will try to have leather be going between the bars, to create some sort of “no distractions” pull-down.

Enough reading…Images!

I would love ideas of different compositions of shapes, new shapes, different functions you would want to give it/ take away.


ps: I also have a few pages of sketches that I will upload soon.!




A quick material check in Cycles before bed.

Just to get the divide between materials/shapes looking good.