Stylized barbarian

personal study

concept by:
my artstation:


You did great job. Keep it up. :slight_smile: You’ve amazing modeling skills. I am wondering how much time it takes to reach at that level? I know it’s about practice also.

thank you Sana, 2-3000 hours i think, haha

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hahaha, …Keep it up :). What’s your advice for beginners?

i am not sure i can give you advice because i am also a beginner…but anyway there s no shortcut, just buy tutorials and practice

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Really nice work! I’m very interested in your lighting setup; are you using emission meshes or Blender-native lights?

I didn’t render it in blender, here is my lighting setup in marmosrt. a hdri for basic lighting, a rim light, and 3 omni lights.


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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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