Stylized Bedroom

Hi all, This image rendered by the regular blender render engine with no indirect light feature enabled it was a real challenging task involved a true compositing exercise and practicing the traditional lighting techniques to simulate indirect lighting … it may include some drawbacks, However I’m satisfied with the result to a certain extent :slight_smile: Your critics is highly appreciated

very nice. I like the style, and it looks real homey. one thing I notice though, is that the wall paper seems at an odd angle.

very pleasant! Can be incorporated into a cartoon animation! very well done!

Well done,
i like the cartoonish look. Colors come nice together only the yellow wood on the desk feels wrong.
Also i would like to see a sign of life, maybe open a drawer a little bit or fold the carpet a bit where the door or the chair would hit it.
Great work though.

Once again: I too like the cartoony look. I think there’s something bothering me about the vignette, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Either way: Brilliant render. How long did it take you.

Very solid. A tiny tad too bright perhaps.

Nice! Reminds me Animal Crossing. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your sweet words, I agree with you about the vignette it bothering me too :), take a look at this angle

Nice work. You tried hard. And, lot of good taste around.
On the other hand…
You should try a better render engine, the carpet now flows one meter higher than the floor.
Shadows are as dark as expected from a 10 years old app.
Cycles is the best thing ever happened in the history of blender development.
Support it. The sooner, the better.

Thanks a lot michalis, I agree with you BI is not as good as cycles but cycles is a physical render engine that is hard to get a noise free image and needs a lot of time to render a fine noise free image, a second problem with cycles is render layers, last thing that preventing me from using cycles, that cycles takes a lot of lighting decisions for the artist and limits the artist creativity and raise science vs art, last thing :slight_smile: I can’t understand why you saw the carpet 1 meter above the floor

Thanks again for your comment

great rendering men om el donia :slight_smile:

nice mood and lighting ,better than cycles render.

Awesome! It really has that warm, cartoon feel to it.

Thanks all for your sweet comments :slight_smile: