Stylized Elwynn Forest Cottage

A stylized cottage/house inspired by WoW, especially the cottages found in Elwynn Forest.

Originally I had made a dock and a bridge and was going for a much bigger scene, but I just couldn’t get the foliage to look good at a large scale. Here’s a test render of that original scene:

Getting the water look nice with the ortographic camera is really hard too, so I just decided to skip it all together. I am very happy with how the cottage turned out, as well as the smoke. Foliage definitely needs an upgrade, but that’s for another scene. Everything is modeled and textured in Blender, with the exception of the background gradient. Also did some minor color and lightning adjustments in Photoshop.



Nice work! I like this style and color scheme.

Awesome work! I love the lighting and composition

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!