Stylized First-Person Shooter Looking For Character Artists

Details & Description

We are looking for 3D Character Artists to make the character models for our game. We are looking for something in a similar style to games such as Overwatch. You can view reference images for that style here:

You can also view the models that were already made for the game here:


We are looking for someone who can make full PBR-textured and IK Rigged models for Blender. The final models must be delivered in a Blender file, but we don’t care how the model is made beforehand (I.E.: You are allowed to use Zbrush/Substance Designer/Substance Painter etc.) I also can’t stress this enough, but we need someone who can match the style of the current models in-game. Our current character artist is too busy to finish up all of the models in the game, but we already have 3 models for the game and you must be able to match the style as closely as possible. We also can’t take a risk working with people who do mostly realistic character models right now, sorry.

That said, I want to be clear right away: Our budget is small. Very small. We only have about 500$ to work with for the entire project right now, though the budget is slowly increasing (about 20$ is added to the budget per week, as this is funded with my own money.) However, we are willing to pay at least 200$ for each character model if they are high quality (however we are willing to go higher if needed.) We can also negotiate further. Generally speaking, if the final quality of the model is really good then we can pay more for it.

About Our Game

Petremay is a stylized first-person shooter game, taking heavy inspiration from games such as Overwatch & TF2 visually. In the game, you can unlock various powers with a system similar to a skill tree, which you can swap out in the game. For more info you can check out our Steam page and wiki:

If you have any questions, feel free to join our public Discord server, you can also DM me directly on Discord with your portfolio & rates:

P.S. If you’ve made it this far please let me know such as saying “I read the P.S.” This may sound silly but in the past I’ve had offers where some people asked for info that was in the post, so I want to make sure everyone has read the whole thing.


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