Stylized fish (WIP)

Hello! This is the first time I post in the work in progress section.
I have been working on this in the past hours. It’s the first time I make a “complex” character without sculpting it, I wanted to try modeling using solely the loop cuts and moved with the flow. The only time I used the sculpting tools was to smooth some areas, to give the loops a cleaner look.

Here’s the process so far.

Viewport (solid) with wireframe

Viewport (material preview) with wireframe and hand painted texture

Viewport (material preview) no wireframe

And a little animation going from the solid view to the material preview

Need to work on the surroundings and the lighting. Hopefully I will manage to post more in the upcoming days :blush:


I’m currently working on the surroundings. I added a ground, put a displacement modifier and I will attach some textures.
Also made some seaweed, scattered it around with the hair particle system and animated it using wind and turbulence forces.

Here’s the render so far.

I added a volume scatter to the whole scene to give it a more underwater look and some god rays.

I used two planes with a subdivision modifier, and randomly deleted some faces. I animated them on the local Z axis to give it a waves moving look during the animation.