Stylized model with realistic materials, is it uncanny? (WIP)

I am working on a bust, primary purpose of the project is to experiment with stylized shapes of the face textured in a more realistic manner.
It is still a work in progress and needs some tweaking in materials and textures. Hair, cloth, and the background will be added as well.
Now that I am 60% finished and can see how it’s going to turn out, I wonder if I am headed in a good direction or if should I pursue more stylized and simplified materials for this type of bust (hand-painted look).
Let me know what you think is it worth keeping going in this direction or should I pivot?
Does this face design with realistic materials on top of it leave an unsettling feeling when you look at it?
Anything that jumps out to you that you think could be improved feel free to comment

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All humans look uncanny without eyebrows. Hair helps too. Without those, it’s really impossible to say :slight_smile:

added a quick groom you can find it up top, definitely needs quite a lot of polish but I think this bust has some potential. Although it’s hard for me to judge if my own work falls into the uncanny valley or if it’s stylized enough to avoid it. Let me know what you think

In my opinion, your bust leans more towards a caricature albeit based upon exaggerated portraiture facial features - rather than a conventional figurative “uncanny-valley” portrayal so for what it’s worth you’re on the right track, stylistically wise although of course largely dependent whether I’ve understood the implied reference, correctly.

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Well… it looks like a robot covered with some skin… i masked some areas (espcially the reall looking eyes and lips :+1:) to make my point clear…

If you are after this look… okay… but to answer the question… what operations did this person have to be been through to look like that (neccesary or not…) ??

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Ahh now i know it… this remembers me of the cyberman from Dr. Who…



thanks, for sharing your thoughts. Exaggerating facial features was definitely one of my intentions.
I gathered bunch of references of caucasian and asian portraits, plus borrowed some shape design from various 2d art I liked and decided to improvise not following any reference in particular strictly.

I planned to go for a hand-painted look which I think was the safer choice to avoid uncanniness, but after finishing with the bust decided to risk it with a more realistic approach out of curiosity.

nice observation, this can definitely be pushed into a more sci-fi/cyberpunk-ish aesthetic maybe an android or replicant type character. Sharper hard-surface like features rather then soft ones definitely gives off robot kind of vibes.

Maybe if you tone down the details a bit - make it less bumpy and/or less glossy?

Right now, compared to shape, the skin looks… exaggerated. Push the difference between stylized shape and realistic material a little further and you get a doll made with actual human skin/bodyparts D= Which can be an interesting, surreal, stylization as well, of course. But not necessarily what you aim for.

Then again, it’s just my perception/tastes speaking.

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Thank you for the input, toning down the materials, is definitely worth a try in future iterations.
A doll made out of human skin also sounds like an interesting kind of weirdness.

Very cool style, the only really off-putting thing to me is the sharp crease on the cheeks, and maybe between the bottom lip and chin as well, otherwise it looks great.

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