Stylized Shading using Subsurface Scattering (Waxy/Silicon Appearance)

I’m trying to find a way to incorporate SSS into a PBR material using Eevee. So far, using 2 Principled shaders mixed at 50% seems to do the trick, however, I feel this method could be improved.

I can’t seem to find a good way to “fake” SSS. When I search for this and related terms on Google, I only turn up results for “SSS for Cycles is here!” Not really helpful.

I’d rather have a fake/approximated SSS shader because mixing that in Eevee would be easier in theory. Shader to RGB doesn’t work for SSS shaders in Eevee right now (and probably never will).

(Some of the answers below were to the previous version of this question, I have since improved it so others may understand what I’m trying to accomplish.)

So… you want a way for the normal map not to effect the outline of an object… but it will effect the shadow cast by the object…?

No. For example, if I use a Principled BSDF node, the normal map applied to it will also affect the Subsurface Scattering. I want the Subsurface Scattering to remain unaffected by the normal map. I don’t see a good method of combining, say, a Diffuse node and an SSS node to create the result I’m looking for.

first from a search. It would be easy to just normal map your diffuse and glossy with a setup like this.

I didn’t quite get the results I was looking for, I’ll stick with the Principled shader, but thank you for your help.

I think you’ll need to combine two shaders to allow your normal map to effect the surfice but not SSS

Sure they can be principled’s … or one principled and one SSS.

I wouldn’t recommend Principled+SSS if you have a glossy component as the result will be wrong. Also 2xPrincipled would be wrong as you’d get one glossy with normals and one without. Glossy should always be mixed in last via fresnel. I’d suggest go out there and grab a manual PBR material setup. Principled is for 90%+ of regular stuff, but sometimes you just have to set it up manually or go find something.

As for normal/bump maps affecting/distorting shadows, it can’t be done in Cycles. It will affect shading (obviously), but not shadows. This is a shading trick we used to use back in the day, maybe this is a limitation of path tracing, I don’t know. Curious, would this be possible with a new shader type (not currently available)?

Perhaps “shadows” was the wrong word, I meant the surface shading (the shadowed side).

That’s not so much of an issue, since I’m using Eevee in the 2.8 Beta.

Here’s what I’m working with.

I have a textured and displaced material:

As I add the SSS at a low value, it just looks blurry as it’s taking too much away from the darker values, which is to be expected since it is passing light through.

I’m really looking to take the very blurred version and add the details back in.

This wouldn’t be such a problem, but the Shader to RGB node doesn’t work with SSS. I assume this is because it’s being calculated afterward. Another issue is that I also can’t apply the effect on metallic shaders using the Principled BSDF.

I changed the title to something more appropriate.

i am not sure, what look you can however mask the sss amount at the subsurface input,but keep in mind that the sss has a radius effect.
or you can “hard mask” with a mix shader and a second shader.
and or you can use a colormix RGB for the base color input to mask or mix the colormaps.
in theory you can mask almost everything.

I’m not exactly sure how masking might help me, if you wouldn’t mind explaining further.

The look I’m going for was inspired by shaders I saw in the Spyro: Reignited games. I noticed that many of the objects that made up the environment had a color fade effect similar to what an SSS shader can create.

Here I have an example of something similar to what I want, I’ll try and get screenshots from the game once I get home:

Without SSS

With SSS

with masking,i mean, if you want only the stones with sss for example,the AO shader could maybe work as fac.
if you want to use sss,then lower the radius first to 0 then increase it in small steps until it covers the stones like you want.and use the random walk sss mode ,its working better for edge like sss.

edit,i have overead that you want a toon shading?

for toon shading this guy seems to be the expert

Poor choice of words on my part, I should have said “Stylized” not “Toon”.

I have seen his work before, it’s really good!