Stylized Tileable Textures

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Since the thread got revived and I plan on creating tutorials for tileable textures I will keep this up to date again.

the result of the Blender tutorial will be something along these lines :

and additionally I will create a tutorial on handpainted textures (tileable) in GIMP as well.

Great work. I like them!

Good job. Do you take requests ?

Good work. These are definitely of usable quality, but as an honest critique, they could use some more detail. There’s no shortcut- just lots of tedious hand-painting in of tiny details, going over and over the same spots and adding more definition. But really, good job.

I’m not speaking as an expert or anything- I’ve only dabbled in hand-painting textures, and man, is it tedious. It usually takes me 7-10 hours to get a good result for a single texture, and even then the results pale in comparison to the stuff the experts can make. I guess speed increases with experience, so the only thing to do is keep working at it (ditching my mouse and buying a tablet would probably help as well ;)). I really love the look of hand-painted textures, so it’s worth the time investment for me.

Oh, and I lied. There actually are a couple of shortcuts for adding detail, but the trick is to not overdo them. One trick I use is to paint detailed but small splats or decals with an alpha channel, that I can rotate and copy/paste over the texture to quickly add detail without sacrificing the hand-painted look. Another trick I use is to quickly scribble in random dots and lines with a small, hard brush to add detail, and then blend them in using the smudge brush. But like I said, don’t overdo these tricks, or it’ll show in the end result.

Thank you =)

Thank you, well no requests in the manner of "make some for my game project x-y-z for exclusive use. But I’m willing to create requested materials [if they are in my skill range which isn’t that big atm, but I’m up for challenges!]: So quick answer, yes but only for everyone to use.

Thank you very much for your critizism! I really struggle with details.
I tried some more cracks etc in this version :

I’m used to the GIMP interface and the possibilities of adjusting the brush-dynamics. Without them I find it hard to use texture brushes etc as you said they will ruin the “hand drawn” look. [I used Blender’s texture-paint for these as I did not find a similar way to create tiled textures in GIMP, only in post processing which decreases the level of control]. I will definitely try more detailed levels. I need some more reference to look at - these were painted out of my imagination with really limited time, so I hope the next ones will be better. I did not really find tutorials for 2D Texture painting. Mostly just for drawing in general but thats mostly linked to non tileable textures created with PS.
But again thank you, I always appreciate any kind of good and helpful critizism.

On another note : I just realized that these textures are really hard to use in any context together as they are of totally different color-schemes. I will create texture-packs with different materials that all follow a similar style. The texture seen above will be part of a castle/dungeon pack.

And again, you may request materials [no 100% guarantee I may succeed at creating them] but they will be accessible for anyone.

This looks brilliant, I’m looking forward to your tutorial.
Have been looking all around the internet for some handpainted texture tutorials but there are only very few and all for photo shop.
I haven’t tried blender for painting yet but the seamless painting feature of blender is really awesome.

I like your idea of creating texturepacks. Maybe one of the next bgmc competitions could be based on one of your texturepacks as a common ground.

Thank you for your comment =)

Yeah I found its really hard to find texturepainting tutorials regarding environment textures. In the past few days I looked at a ton of reference images and found some artists that really inspired me. I lack execution skills still but its getting much better.
I think the main thing is to learn “traditional drawing” combined with stylized approaches. I will rework the textures I did so far and then proceed on creating tutorials [ I am certainly not the best painter but I think just knowing about the basics would help anyone.]

Really nice 2d textures.

Very nice work.

If I may make a small critique: the L shaped rocks in your gray stone wall texture are hard to make (in reality). While stonecutters can easily break rocks into rough rectangular shapes, chiseling out an interior angle is time consuming and difficult. I doubt anyone making a rough stone wall would bother, they would just fill in the spot with two or three smaller rectangular rocks.

Also, if you are looking for another texture, how about a field stone wall, where the rocks are basically what anyone picks up from the ground without any cutting or shaping, and the wall is fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Here is a good example of what I’m talking about.

Thank you for your criticism :slight_smile: It’s been a while now [I’ve moved and thus didn’t have internet for 2 months now] and I just started to redo those textures. If I remember correctly I used those L shapes to break the “pattern” look of the thing. I usually use dualscreen to see the texture in a large scaled form while I paint on the other side - and often times it happens to me that there are straight lines - I try to break them up afterwards f.e. using this L shape.

here is an unfinished version of a rework [I hope the progress is visible - I’m really more satisfied] yet the same problem appeared and again I used a Z shape to fix that, which is - as you pointed out correctly - rather not realistic.

I think its more about planning the whole thing - but im quite intuitive and just start painting without really setting up the thing first.

and thanks for your recommendation - I always appreciate suggestions. When I find the time I will follow my goal stated earlyer to create full texture packs.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about having some lines that are roughly horizontal. From my observation of old field stone walls, the builders actually did try for more or less flat surfaces as they built (which result in straight lines in the finished walls) every half meter or so. They weren’t always successful, of course, but the stonework isn’t completely random.

These are really cool and go well with my vision of NPR style and games. I will be waiting for any sort of tutorial, should you decide to make one. In the mean time, I will go ahead and request grass, dirt, and beach sand. My attempts so far have fallen quite short and any direction would be appreciated.

This looks nice and may come in handy. Thanks for sharing! I am also interested in your tutorial, should you decide to make one.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Aside from the technical part for creating a tileable texture within blender,which XRG81 already created a tutorial for , i’d like to cover the basics of using the right brush settings etc - the general outcome of specific textures is really just your ability to draw things. And mine is currently not at a level I’d appreciate. But if I get the general sense of what is important into the tutorial then it might be helpful after all.

One key problem is though, that this is very time consuming and a lot of steps can’t really be explained the way a technical tutorial could. things like “now you draw in cracks for details” don’t really help I figure. So I will try my best to present how my workprocess and learning curve in texture painting has developed so far (you won’t need to wait that long - ill probably finish the tutorial within the next few days).

Here is my final version of the stone floor I’ve uploaded earlier :

I tried to take the critizism into consideration - as long as it was compatible with my skills. Especially focused on getting some sort of texture and detail into this. - As for how little time I’ve invested in studying and learning to “draw” I’m really happy with the progress (compared to my first post).

Thanks for the requests - I’ll probably try to create several materials, the easiest ones are probably the plain ones like sand and simple cobbly paths - the harder ones are grass - people use special tricks for that - I will need to figure that out in detail first.

Sorry for the long post!
tl;dr : Tutorial soon , tried to improve first, thanks for critizism/suggestions!

Nice work! Hand Painted textures is a rare art for most! :slight_smile:

Thats beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing - how long does it take you to draw one of these? I’m just curious.

Great works and thank u thank u very much :slight_smile:

Oh wow, I already forgot that this still existed - nevertheless I still haven’t had the time to improve on my drawing skills - but I will create a tutorial soon on how to create handpainted tileable textures with gimp

With the mouse or tablet?