Stylized Wooden House

Design and model as a personal project

Blender 2.79
Internal renderer


Nice… nice the feel and mood are there.
I think if you made the lower part connected to to the upper one as if there a staircase inside that leads up it’ll look more interesting and logic don’t you think?

Non the less the modeling and rendering is awesome! :+1:

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That’s right…
actually there is a small block in the middle contact with dark brown color which was meant to be staircase…
but not much! :smile:
maybe there should be an external one…
Thank you for the feedback :rose::pray::pray:

You are welcome!:slight_smile:

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I really enjoy projects like this, and part of what I like is “the happy absurdity of it.” Here we have a house, sort of looking like it’s sitting on top of an outhouse, and with no staircase and no explanation at all. Deliciously out-of-proportion. A cartoon world of pure tongue-in-cheek fantasy.

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“Happy absurdity” :smile::+1::+1:

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot :pray::grinning:

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nice work !!!

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Very cool, I like the design and the stylised render.

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Thank You All :pray::pray::rose::rose:

Hey… wanna know something? You’re #featured! :smiley:


Yesssss! Thank you very much :pray::smile::pray::rose:


can you make a tutorial? in youtube

Maybe some day!
Which part are you interested? design, modeling, texturing or render?
It is easier to give some tips and tricks than a complete tutorial.

oooh it’s so nice I love stylized work. can I ask how you made the lines so visible in the render?

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Beautiful! :grinning:

Can i ask about the graining (negative map) of the render…how does that work?

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Thank you all :pray::pray:

There is a work around to get 2d outlines of object by finding edges in normal or z depth pass then mix them with the render result in composite.
Full details, tutorials and sample files can be found at
and many posts here at blenderartists and other blender sites, just search blender NPR or edge node or edge detect node …

I made a simpler comp tree.
Laplace filter is used for edge finding for both z and normal.
For normal pass the filter is used separately for R G B to get better results.
Outlines from z is more suitable for outer object definition and outlines from Normal better for inner object detail definition

Blender freestyle is also a nice feature for outlines but i found this workaround simpler and with more control in comp.

I think this is applicable in cycles, but i didn’t test that.

Here is the comp tree

Here is the raw render

And the lines…