Stylized Wooden House

(Yashar Khanpour) #1

Design and model as a personal project

Blender 2.79
Internal renderer

(rukk) #2

Nice… nice the feel and mood are there.
I think if you made the lower part connected to to the upper one as if there a staircase inside that leads up it’ll look more interesting and logic don’t you think?

Non the less the modeling and rendering is awesome! :+1:

(Yashar Khanpour) #3

That’s right…
actually there is a small block in the middle contact with dark brown color which was meant to be staircase…
but not much! :smile:
maybe there should be an external one…
Thank you for the feedback :rose::pray::pray:

(rukk) #4

You are welcome!:slight_smile:

(sundialsvc4) #5

I really enjoy projects like this, and part of what I like is “the happy absurdity of it.” Here we have a house, sort of looking like it’s sitting on top of an outhouse, and with no staircase and no explanation at all. Deliciously out-of-proportion. A cartoon world of pure tongue-in-cheek fantasy.

(Yashar Khanpour) #6

“Happy absurdity” :smile::+1::+1:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Yashar Khanpour) #8

Thanks a lot :pray::grinning:

(alf0) #9

nice work !!!

(Itza) #10

Very cool, I like the design and the stylised render.

(Yashar Khanpour) #11

Thank You All :pray::pray::rose::rose: